On November 29, the 3rd Technical Conference of Burés SAU took place at the Mercabarna-flor facilities (Barcelona). Before nearly a hundred attendees, the company addressed the most current topics in the world of gardening: walls and green roofs, vertical gardens, organic substrates, the role of biodiversity or urban gardening, among others.

Xavier Giménez, director of Burés SAU, inaugurated the event defining it as “a meeting for the whole world”. Three years ago, the company decided to hold its first technical conference on the occasion of its 50th anniversary: “Such was the success that we saw it necessary to repeat and turn this event into an annual event”.

Xavier Bisbe, technical director of Arborètum spoke of terraces in the big cities: “I like to define my profession with the word ‘exteriorist’ since what I’m looking for is to give life to exterior spaces, integrating them in harmony with the interiors and giving them utility and aesthetics ” Bisbe said that having outside space in private homes in urban areas today is “a privilege” and stressed that more than 30% of its customers are foreigners who redesign their second homes in cities such as Barcelona.


Xavier Bisbe of Arborètum

In terms of current trends, Bisbe highlighted the breakdown of seasonality, seeking a use of outdoor spaces throughout the year; the use of plants, flowers or earth to create living spaces, fleeing imitation materials such as plastic to convert spaces into dynamic areas of continuous change; and the increasingly numerous appearance of new products for exterior, both in furniture and accessories, giving many more possibilities to exteriorism.

Vertical gardening is one of the most current topics within the sector. The need to create green spaces and the scarce availability of land make it necessary to search for new ways of working. In view of this, Lídia Villaoz, of Babilón Artistic Gardening, explained the basic characteristics of vertical gardening, stressing that it needs a treatment and maintenance very different from conventional gardening.

The 3rd Workshop of Burés was attended by the Coordinator of Projects and Works of the Direcció d’Espais Verds i Biodiversitat of the Barcelona City Council, Ada Serrano, and another member of this group. Octavi Borruel. Both highlighted the progress that the city is making in the creation of green areas, adding the commitment of the City Council to create 1 m2 more green for each inhabitant. In total, 160 hectares of new green spaces before 2030.